Big 'Brother' is watching! Rachel Levine wants tech companies to censor gender-related 'misinfo' (watch)

Admiral Rachel Levine wants tech companies to censor all gender-related misinformation because she feels that it would protect the health equity of sexual and gender minorities.

Don’t make that face. We didn’t say it.

He did.

Ack, sorry, SHE did. Hey man, we’re trying …

We hope Rachel notices we put ‘brother’ in quotes, we wouldn’t want to upset him, sorry, her. Our bad.

Watch this.

Somehow we always thought ‘Big Brother’ would look way cooler in real life, ya’ know? This is like getting your ‘Big Brother’ from Wish or something. Maybe the bargain bin at Walmart. Dollar General?

Yes, yes we are.

SEE?! We did too. More menacing, less creepy and puffy.

Just some are more equal or something.

Don’t look at us, we just work here.

You’d think Rachel may have tried to read the room a bit better with everything that’s dropped in the #TwitterFiles but here we are.

Please, this particular emperor desperately needs clothes.

Our eyes.

We’d only be surprised if they weren’t straight-up lying to us at this point.

Ding ding ding.

Sooooo much stranger. Yes.

LOOK AT THAT, being respectful of pronouns and stuff.





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