Bill to ban Tik Tok looks more like a government power grab also known as the Patriot Act 2.0

Everyone knows the U.S. government wants to ban Tik Tok. There have been hearings and everything.

There was a bill introduced by Senator Mark Warner as well and it is not great. It is actually really awful. It goes so beyond the scope of banning Tik Tok and enters into the realm of government overreach.

A thread by Greg Price, the communications director for the ‘State Freedom Caucus Network’ really puts it into perspective.

Welp, do we all want to run and call our representatives? This thing is a mess.

Talking about the ‘Uni-Party’ was a popular reaction and honestly, it rings true.

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We do not understand how anyone can support this thing unless they have a bigger goal or focus that does NOT include protecting the people FROM the government.


Comparisons of the bill to ‘The Patriot Act’ was also popular. Just for the sake of full disclosure, this editor was not a fan of ‘The Patriot Act’ and did indeed talk about how bad it was and even protested it on several occasions.

We will add a yikes in here for good measure.

Facts are facts and those facts can not be denied. The government made it clear at every turn during COVID they will use any excuse to wield power over the people.

EXACTLY. If we did not learn what most of the government’s goal is for us under COVID guidelines and restrictions we will never learn it.

HA! That one made us laugh because we all know how the war on drugs is going.

Like the tweets above, we may not be the biggest Tik Tok fans, but honestly, our government should not be using that as an excuse to gain more control over us. Since COVID we really do feel like we are living in the prequel to some dystopian fiction but the sad part is that it is reality.

BINGO. Why are all bills always so junked up? Keep it simple.
We propose to ban Tik Tok in America.  Easy and it would be very easy for everyone to read it before it is passed.

IMAGINE THAT! People reading the bill BEFORE it is passed.

Let’s hope this one does not get passed.

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