Black Lightning

Superhero series and supernatural powers are two such fictitious things that are so likely to happen with us but the people still admired them. From DC to Marvel series, we all are becoming too obvious in our favorites and decisions to watch them. But there are certain people that are unaware that other than these two major Superhero companies, we have others too. From the titles, it is pretty obvious that we are talking about yet another popular series the Black lightning. 

One of the notable series of CW, that has surely increased their popularity, has recently decided to release their fourth season for the audience. In this article, we are going to look at the series and review it for you.

Also, we will be talking about the future possibility of this series and where its future is going to hold. If you are interested to know all the details regarding this show then keep reading the article.

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Black Lightning – Let’s read the details About it!

The American Action drama which casts the superhero first released on 16 January 2018. The show is amazingly created by Salim Akil which is based on a Character named Black Lightning. The character is the idea of Tony Isabella and he has amazingly created it. Many people don’t actually know that but the character is actually based on the DC comics.

So far, Black Lightning has released its 3 seasons with its latest season 4 being released this year. The show is based on the DC superhero black Lighting which has returned to his life and has all the superpowers. The story revolves around him and how he manages to do all the things and also balance his personal and professional life. 

For the lover of superheroes, this series is something that will make them smile and also entertain them. The show was first handed to Fox Entertainment. But, the TV channel handed the show to CW and asked them to make a new pilot. The show was originally decided to release on 16 January 2018. 

Black Lightning Season 4 – When is it going to Release?

Black Lightning season 4

The Black lighting has decided to release its season 4 that will consist of 13 episodes for the audience. The series has originally decided to release last year and many entertaining news channels have surely said that they will give a report that the series will happen in 2002.

But as most people are already aware that in 2020, many movies and TV shows have stopped their filming because of the virus. The series then decided to release in 2021. Finally, Black Lightning was released on 8 Feb 2021.  

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Black Lightning Season 4 – What is it Storyline of this show?

Black Lightning season 5

The story starts with the main character JJ Stewart who is also a Black Lightning. The show starts in the fictional land of Freeland. Black Lightning is a simple man for the world. But, he possesses supernatural powers that include the super athlete body. He is also a former and well-reputed Olympic athlete.

Now after leaving his sports career, he is currently working as an educator in his professional life. Being a father of two daughters, he has to manage his social and superhero image throughout the time. 

Coming to his daughter which is Anissa and Jennifer. These two are not simple high school teen girls but actually pose supernatural powers just like his father. Starting with Anissa who is the oldest daughter of the family. She has the power that can ultimately increase her density. She is even known as Thunder in the show.

In her personal life, she is a medical student who is truly devoted to social work. She even does some medical clinics in her free time. Her ability is also that she can be superstar insightful as long as she can hold her breath. 

Coming to the next and the smallest daughter of Black Lightning who is also referred to as “Lighting” is super strong. Her powers are defined as more strengthful and powerful than Black lightning and Anissa. Jennifer, who is the youngest daughter of the family can generate electricity and also possesses a super athletic body just like her father. 

As the show moves further, There is also the arrival of the main antagonist of this show who is called “The 100”. 

Black Lightning Season 5 – Are there any Chances of this happening?

Black Lightning season 5

After the release of season 4, the audience is wondering if there are any future possibilities of season 4 of Black Lightning future or not. Sadly, the series is not going to be renewed for another season. There is already a rumor going around that Black Lightning is going to release its last and final season this year, which is season 4. After the end of season 4, there will not be any further seasons. 

Moreover, the news was later confirmed by the officials themselves. The audience was sad to know that their favorite superhero is not going to come again for them.

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Black Lightning Season 5 – Why did the show get Cancelled?

Season 4 was the last and final and after the season ends, there will be no further seasons of Black Lightning. The series officially got canceled and this can be simply understandable. 

When Black Lightning first released on television, the people loved it and the ratings and viewership increased simultaneously. After the show extended its seasons, again and again, the people started to get bored with it. 

Moreover, the show was unable to maintain the viewers constantly. And that’s the reason the show started its downfall. Even the ratings of this show decrease. It was ultimately found that the last season i.e. Season 4 got the lowest ratings. 

According to the resorts, season 4 was not able to receive even half of the millions of views. The show ended up getting only thousands of views. That’s the reason why the show was ultimately canceled by the creators. 

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Black Lightning Season 4 – Where is the Official trailer?

Season 4 is already here and if you are a fan of this series then some of you have already seen the trailer. But if you are one of those people who haven’t seen the trailer of this show yet then I have something for you. The Official trailer of this show is already up on youtube and the fans should watch it for sure. Click the video below and entertain yourself with the all-new promo of this series. 

What are the ratings of this show?

The show was once a great show in the eyes of critics but as they started to extend the border, the show started to receive low ratings. Starting with the IMDb rating of this show which is only 6.1/10. has rated the show with 6.9/10 ratings. The rotten tomatoes for this show are 92%.

Additionally, the audience also praises the starting shows and said that season 2 was their favorite. Several people also criticized the show by saying that this show needs to work on the storyline and then only it will be great. 

Final Words

Black Lightning is an American superhero TV Series that was launched in 2018. So far, the series has successfully released 4 seasons with the last and finale i.e. season 4 is releasing this year, 2021. The audience is wondering about season 5 of this series. Sadly the show has officially been canceled by the officials. This is because of the low ratings and feedback by the critics, the show decided to end. 

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