Blue-check progressive vets group’s attempt to compare overturning Roe to being pro-slavery BACKFIRES –

So if you support states’ rights you are pro-slavery? Really?

First and foremost, we should thank the vets with Common Defense for their service. That being said, their argument against overturning Roe is ridiculously stupid and they should feel ridiculously stupid for tweeting it. You’d think vets would understand the Constitution they swore to defend, right?

Then again …

States’ rights has been the argument for many things that should be at the state level, not the federal level.

Maybe someone should break out the puppets and crayons and explain that to the person who’s running this account.

Know what else was a pro-slavery argument?

Yeah, the same argument pro-aborts have been using when arguing to protect abortion.

Sadly, yes.

Yes they are.


Woof, these pro-abortion folks just keep out-stupiding themselves.



That reads.

But slavery or something.



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