Boat Race 2023 LIVE: Cambridge and Oxford compete over four mile course on River Thames

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The 2023 Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford takes place London this afternoon as the two famous universities clash on the River Thames.

In the men’s race last year, Oxford ended three years of Cambridge victories with a win of two and a quarter lengths. It was their first victory since 2017 after the race was abandoned in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The margin of victory was the same in the women’s race but the spoils went to Cambridge who extended their winning run to five years.

The 77th women’s race starts at 4pm and the 168th men’s follows at 5pm. An estimated 250,000 people are expected to watch the races from the banks of the river as the annual event takes place over 4.25 miles from Putney to Mortlake.

Follow all the action from the Boat Races with our liveblog below:


Men’s Boat Race

Oxford need to respond. They’ve got a bunch of powerful rowers in the boat and the next bend comes in their favour.

Cambridge are trying to ease ahead to cut off the Oxford advantage.

Michael Jones26 March 2023 17:06


Men’s Boat Race

Jasper Parish, the Cambridge cox, moves his boat closer to the Fulham wall. It’s a bold move that works brilliantly and takes Cambridge into the lead.

They’re almost a length ahead now.

Michael Jones26 March 2023 17:04


Men’s Boat Race

The overhead view shows Oxford slightly in the lead as Cambridge are repeatedly told to move apart by the umpire.

The crews approach Craven Cottage with Cambridge aiming for smoother water.

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Michael Jones26 March 2023 17:03


Men’s Boat Race

And they’re off! Oxford won the men’s race last year but come into this one as underdogs. The defending champions have the Surrey station which should help them later on.

Cambridge thunder out of the start and are being urged to move away from the Oxford boat.

Michael Jones26 March 2023 17:01


Rowing trying to reach wider communities

Kyra Edwards says “rowing isn’t a sport that comes to you, you have to seek it out.”

There is a push to make rowing more accessible and Olympic champions Helen Glover shared her story saying:

“I grew up in a small town in Cornwall, it was something that people like me didn’t do. I took up rowing at 21 and became Olympic champion four years later. It has changed my life.”

Michael Jones26 March 2023 16:59


Men’s Boat Race

The rudder issue seems to have been resolved but it’s a bit of an unwanted problem just before the start of the race.


Michael Jones26 March 2023 16:53


Men’s Boat Race

The crews are entering the water with their boats. There may by a delay to the start of this one as one of the crews has a rudder problem.

It seems to be the Cambridge crew whose boat is undergoing minor repairs.

Michael Jones26 March 2023 16:49


Men’s Boat Race

The men’s race is coming up at 5pm in what should be a closer affair. Oxford are the reigning champions but Cambridge have a very strong team.

Oxford: James Forward; Alex Bebb; Freddy Orpin; Tom Sharrock; James Doran; Jean-Philippe Dufour; Tassilo von Mueller; Felix Drinkall; Anna O’Hanlon (cox)

Cambridge: Matt Edge; Brett Taylor; Noam Moulle; Seb Benzecry; Thomas Lynch; Nick Mayhew; Ollie Parish; Luca Ferraro; Jasper Parish (cox)

Michael Jones26 March 2023 16:45


Reaction from the presidents

Winning Cambridge president, Caoimhe Dempsey, spoke to the BBC after the race saying:

“A tough race, there was so much going on, the girls were tenacious and brave. We have girls with so many different experiences. I am very proud.”

Oxford president, Sara Helin, said: “We feel we had a chance with the protest but I couldn’t really see. I’m just going by what the cox says.”

Michael Jones26 March 2023 16:40


Women’s Boat Race 2023

Here’s a few of the best photos from the race:

(Action Images via Reuters)

(Action Images via Reuters)

(Action Images via Reuters)

Michael Jones26 March 2023 16:35

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