BOOM: Dan Bongino says what FAR too many refuse to say about Tyre Nichols video (watch)

The Tyre Nichols video is just awful. No words.

Full transparency, this editor has tried to watch multiple times and can never quite make it all the way through. This was not policing, this was not justice … this was also NOT white supremacy. C’mon with that crap, really? Blaming ‘systemic racism’ takes the onus off of these officers and why in the WORLD would anyone want to do that?

Hold them accountable.

Dan Bongino actually said it far better – watch:

It’s our job to defend everybody’s God-given rights …


But most importantly, their right to live.

Thomas brings up a good point – any one of the five could have stopped this at any time.

They did not.


This was not protecting and serving.

And yes, it was a betrayal of the public’s trust.



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