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BREAKING: Judge Rules Against Radical Dems Efforts To Keep...

BREAKING: Judge Rules Against Radical Dems Efforts To Keep Marjorie Taylor Greene Off Ballot In November


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A Georgia judge has destroyed the ridiculous dreams of Democrat activists who were hoping to use the legal system as a way to keep the outspoken, America First, US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene off the ballot in the November election. 

Driven by fear of her love for America and her desire to promote President Trump’s America First agenda, leftists turned to the courts, where they attempted to prove Rep. Taylor Greene played an important role in the January 6th incident that is looking more and more like a set up by our intelligence agencies and Democrats than a spontaneous “insurrection.”

The Hill reports – Although the Georgia judge in Georgia found that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green can run for reelection, he said the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the Republican SOS Brad Raffensperger.

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State Administrative Law Judge Charles Beaudrot announced his decision after a daylong hearing in April that included arguments from lawyers for the voters and for Greene, as well as extensive questioning of Greene herself.

State law says Beaudrot must submit his findings to Raffensperger, who has to decide whether Greene should be removed from the ballot.

The challenge to Greene’s eligibility was filed by voters who allege the GOP congresswoman played a significant role in the Jan. 6, 2021 riot that disrupted Congress’s certification of Joe Biden’s presidential election victory. That puts her in violation of a seldom-invoked part of the 14th Amendment having to do with insurrection and makes her ineligible to run for reelection, they argue.

During the April 22 hearing on the challenge, Ron Fein, a lawyer for the voters who filed the challenge, noted that in a TV interview the day before the attack at the U.S. Capitol, Greene said the next day would be “our 1776 moment.” Lawyers for the voters said some supporters of then-President Donald Trump used that reference to the American Revolution as a call to violence.

Using the Democrat’s logic, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and Chuck Schumer should all be disqualified from running again based on their lies about the Trump-Russian hoax.

Source: 100percentfedup

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