BREAKING: Police Reveal Nashville School Shooter Was Under Doctor’s Care For Mental Illness Prior to Shooting

It has been reported that Audrey Hale, the transgender shooter who killed six people at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, had been under doctor’s care for an emotional disorder.

On Monday, Hale entered The Covenant School with two assault-style rifles and a handgun and went on a shooting rampage. The shooting claimed the lives of three nine-year-old students and three faculty members.

Hale was ultimately shot dead by police officers, but she left behind a manifesto for law enforcement to find and it was later discovered that she had sent creepy, cryptic messages to a former middle school classmate just before the shooting.

“I’m planning to die today,” Hale sent to her former classmate, Averianna Patton, via direct message on Instagram. “You’ll probably hear about me on the news after I die.”

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On Tuesday, the Nashville Police Chief reported that Hale had purchased seven guns from five separate stores, and had done so legally despite being under doctor’s care for an emotional disorder.

The police chief also reported that Hale’s parents had known about her ownership of one gun, but believed she had sold it. They were unaware their mentally ill daughter had stockpiled seven firearms.

In response to this new information, journalist Candace Owens questioned what medication Hale had been taking for her mental health issues.

Owens tweeted, “We deserve to know exactly what drugs Audrey Hale was on. No one talks about big pharma’s contribution to shootings. Virtually all of these psychopaths are on anti-depressants, hormones (trans), anti-psychotics, etc. Hold Pharma execs responsible for their human experiments.”

One Twitter user addressed the fact that this was not an “isolated incident” and that the health crisis in the U.S. is becoming a serious, dangerous issue that needs immediate attention.

“You have millions of young people in this country steeped in mental illness and psychosis which has been stirred up by the media, social and legacy.

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Ticking time bombs.

You can ban guns, but then they’ll use knives and look overseas to see how bad and gruesome stabbings are. Mental health needs to be taken care of IMMEDIATELY.”

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