BREAKING: Republicans Call For Reversal After MT Senator Steve Daines Is Suspended On Twitter For Posting Wife’s Hunting Photo

Montana Senator Steve Daines was banned from Twitter after posting a hunting photo with his wife. Perhaps it is a surprise to the leftists in the country, but hunting and fishing are a way of life for many Americans.
Ted Cruz tweeted about the ridiculous incident, defending Daines, saying, “Ridiculous. My friend @SteveDaines is in @Twitter hail for posting this pic w/ his wife Cindy. If you don’t like hunting, fine, don’t go. But don’t censor others who disagree. And I’m pretty sure this is a formal job responsibility for a Senator from Montana!”

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South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds also defended Daines’ photo, tweeting a photo of himself hunting. He asked, “Hey @elonmusk – Why is Twitter putting @SteveDaines in Twitter jail? For his wife being a good shot? I guess since I’ve updated my profile picture, I better turn myself in. #FreeSteveDaines #NewProfilePic”

The Governor of Montana also jumped on board showing his support for Daines by Tweeting a photo of his wife on a successful hunt and retweeting Daines’ photo saying, “Heck of a buck, Cindy. We’re two lucky guys.”


Twitter told Daines that he needed to delete the photo citing a rule that said the photo violated their policy against “graphic violence or adult content. We consider graphic violence to be any form of gory media related to death, serious injury, violence to be any form of gory media related to death, serious injury, violence, or surgical procedures. We consider adult content to be any media that is pornographic and/or maybe intended to cause sexual arousal.” Twitter then directed Daines to review their media policy.
One Twitter user pointed out the vastly different policies are enforced on Democrats versus Republicans. She noted that Twitter did not remove violent rhetoric against President Trump and said that they went as far as promoting it. The horrific image shows Trump’s decapitated head severed from his body, one of the more violent depictions of death. Trump’s face is covered with blood, while Griffin holds the head by its hair.

“Rep. US Senator @SteveDaines of Montana gets suspended yesterday for posting a picture hunting with his wife saying “She’s a great shot.” Twitter cites their policy against “Violence.” One of these pictures got a Senator suspended. One got promoted. Guess which is which.”


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