BRUTAL thread shows the side of Jordan Neely the Left and media do NOT want you to see

While our pals in the media are busy painting Jordan Neely as some multi-talented artist who was sadly misguided and a victim of society because they need a new George Floyd, Twitchy favorite Ian McKelvey was good enough to put a thread together reminding everyone who Neely really WAS.

And how Leftist policies and blue cities are really to blame for what happened here.

Jordan was not just this happy smiley guy impersonating Michael Jackson.

Take a gander:

Arrested 40 times.


But that doesn’t feed the narrative about how this was all because Neely was black. They need the division, they need to keep pushing the idea that white supremacy is the most dangerous threat in our country, etc. etc.

They’re not interested in the truth.

He was dangerous.

And NYC did nothing to help.

Probably because they all know NYC will just arrest him and let him go again.

See Bragg.

Because THAT’S the narrative they want. The reality of the NYC system and Leftist policies failing this man like so many others doesn’t help push their narrative.

C’mon, Soledad is not the brightest crayon in the box.

They don’t care.

His victims HURT their narrative.

And now they want to exploit his death to pretend it’s white supremacy that’s responsible for what happened to Neely.

Just like they did with Floyd.

And Brown.

It’s a cycle.

Sickening is putting it nicely.



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