Bulwark's Amanda Carpenter stupidly sounds off on Ron DeSantis being 'on the wrong side of Ukraine'

What the hell happened to Amanda Carpenter? No, seriously. What happened to her. We’re so old, we can remember a time when she wasn’t just conservative, but sane. Granted, it’s been years, but still. We hope for her sake that somewhere lurking in her DNA is just a tiny fragment of her old self.

Because this is just ridiculous:

“From me.” When you read that on an Amanda Carpenter tweet pimping a Bulwark piece, you know you’re in for a real treat.

Carpenter writes:

Gross things can happen when you convince yourself that, no matter what, you must position yourself in complete opposition to your political opponents. Just look at what Ron DeSantis is doing.

Just look at what she and The Bulwark have been doing from the start. Their “Conserving Conservatism” mantra quickly came to be understood as “Raising Kneejerk Opposition to Conservatism Because It Pays Better Than Actually Having Conservative Principles.”

Where are the obvious flaws in concluding that Joe Biden has emboldened Russia by virtue of his ineptitude? That actually seems like a pretty accurate assessment, given Biden’s tenure as president (and his former boss Barack Obama’s tenure as president, too, for that matter).

And who’s guilty of tribalism here? Is it Ron DeSantis, who’s busy running his state? Or is it Amanda Carpenter and The Bulwark, who are so scared of Ron DeSantis that they’ll fall all over themselves to blindly defend a president who is very much not busy running his country?

He wouldn’t. And Amanda and The Bulwark know this, but they also know that Ron DeSantis is the biggest thorn in Donald Trump’s side right now, and they desperately need Donald Trump to stick around because they literally have no reason to exist if he doesn’t.

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Since when is Ron DeSantis trying to stay on the side of MAGA voters? Donald Trump is alienating many of the people who voted for him with his unhinged rants about Ron DeSantis. DeSantis doesn’t need Donald Trump, aka the kiss of GOP death. If anything, Trump needs DeSantis in order to stay relevant (and The Bulwark needs Trump, of course).

In other words, it’s a typical Bulwark piece. Written by a typical Bulwark grifting fraud:

Yeah, what a head-snappingly insightful insight that was.

Ultra-extreme-mega cringe.


You know, it’s almost as if Amanda Carpenter should take a break from writing words for a while.



Bulwark’s Amanda Carpenter lies about Donald Trump in desperate attempt to derail Ron DeSantis


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