BuzzFeed's 2014 tweet on learning to code hasn't aged well

As Twitchy reported earlier Thursday, BuzzFeed News is shutting down, beginning with layoffs of about 15 percent of the staff. Under Twitter 1.0, you could be suspended for telling one of the laid-off journalists to learn to code — journalists are a protected class, after all. We’ve since moved on to telling them to learn to build solar panels — lots of good-paying jobs have been promised — but this 2014 tweet by BuzzFeed has come back to haunt them.

What makes this classic is it’s not even a news article, but a quiz: You pick the boxes that best describe you, and BuzzFeed looks up to see if there’s been an article written telling you to learn to code. There are 24 options, ranging from “a cat” to “homeless,” but strangely no option for “coal miner.” Or “journalist.”

We’re honestly not sure if BuzzFeed is doing away with the stupid quizzes … they say they’re shutting down BuzzFeed News. Are the listicles going to continue? We’re not sure what we’d do without those.


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