Christina Pushaw owns Randi Weingarten, who wonders why Ron DeSantis is 'afraid' of education

There are so many terrible people on Twitter, but no one can stir up a ratio like AFT union president Randi Weingarten — that is, before she started turning off replies to her tweets. That was probably a good idea on her part, seeing as she got hammered for every single one of her stupid tweets, like the one claiming her union had been fighting since April 2020 to reopen schools.

The American Prospect published a piece on Weingarten’s “major address” this week and cried about how teachers are under attack. The headline is, “A Teacher Answers Back” — so we scanned the piece to see which teacher they were talking about, but the whole thing is about Weingarten — who’s not a teacher.

A great nation doesn’t trap children in failing public schools to ensure they’re properly indoctrinated.

Teachers’ unions did “fight” to get schools to reopen — except their demands were ridiculous and included a bunch of social justice nonsense that had nothing to do with COVID-19.

In a just society, she’d fear for her job. Here’s why Weingarten fears DeSantis:


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