Cincinnati FBI Shooting Suspect Killed in Six-Hour Standoff – RedState

As we reported earlier on Thursday, an armed man attempted to breach the Cincinnati, Ohio, FBI office, flashing a weapon. The man fled the scene, driving 60 miles north on Interstate 71, with law enforcement in pursuit, then engaging in a standoff with police.

Later, in an update, we wrote about the information the FBI released about the morning’s “incident,” though it was missing one detail.

What that doesn’t say is that while the man allegedly flashed an AR-15, he didn’t fire that at anyone in the FBI building. Instead, he fired a nail gun at personnel in the building before he took off.

As we reported, there was information released about the standoff with police:

“Law enforcement has traded shots with a male suspect who is wearing a gray shirt and body armor,” the agency said in a statement, warning people nearby to stay inside and lock their doors. Ohio State Highway Patrol said the suspect had fired shots from a Ford Crown Victoria while he was being pursued by police.

The suspect has unknown injuries, according to Ohio State Highway Patrol. No officers or bystanders have been injured.

At about 12:30, the agency said the suspect was “contained” but not in custody.

Now, Fox News is reporting that the six-hour standoff has ended, and the suspect is dead:

An armed suspect who tried to breach a secure area at the FBI field office in Ohio, led police on a chase, and exchanged gunfire with officers was shot and killed by police after an hourslong standoff, Ohio Highway State Patrol said.

The man, who has not been identified, was shot after he raised a gun toward police, patrol spokesperson Lt. Nathan Dennis said in during a press conference.

The standoff with the armed suspect, who was wearing body armor, lasted for more than six hours in a rural field in Wilmington, Ohio. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the suspect was in custody.

As this is breaking news, RedState will provide further details as they become available.

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