Climate Defiance reminds us how we called up morgues to cart off our dead yesterday

There was plenty going on in the news this week, but because the smoke from a Canadian wildfire settled over New York City, the media capital of the country, there really was only one story: climate change. Again, this was smoke from a forest fire, and though it made the air quality in New York the worst it’s been, it’s not “climate change.” But climate change increases the risk of forest fires, though … right? It depends on how far back you want to look in the records.

Climate Defiance, which proudly proclaims in its Twitter bio that it blockaded the White House Correspondents Dinner, had us all take a sobering look back at both the canceled picnics and the multiple calls to the morgue.

Picnic’s canceled … everyone’s dead.

So many canceled picnics … this is what the future looks like.


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