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Commenting Changes on HotAir

Commenting Changes on HotAir


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Dear HotAir readers,

You have probably noticed the recent changes today to our commenting system as reading, posting, and replying to comments are now exclusively for our VIP members.

Though the decision to make comments exclusive for our VIP members was a difficult one, it will allow us to get away from Big Tech punishing us for user comments, as these accounts will be managed by Townhall Media directly. Through the direct support of our VIP members, we can do even more to fight back against the left while providing free speech to an exclusive conservative community free from leftist trolls, annoying spammers, and bots.

Big Tech and the left’s assault on us has only just begun because we tell the truth they don’t want the masses to hear. If you are not yet a VIP member, you can become one today HERE. Use promo code SAVEAMERICA for a 40% discount on your annual subscription. For less than a Bidenflated gallon of gas per month, you can become part of our club of patriots and support our conservative reporting.

For VIP members logging in to comment for the first time, you will notice that the name associated with your VIP account is the name that will display when you post your comments. Don’t worry! This can easily be changed.

To change your display name to the one you held previously, click “My Account” at the top of the page and then “Comment Settings.” There you can enter the display name your fellow conservatives know you by.

Townhall Media
Townhall Media

If you would like to change your profile image, you can do so by signing up at Gravatar.com using the same e-mail address.

To all of our VIP members, we appreciate your support and look forward to building this conservative community and creating an environment where free speech is respected and allowed.

– HotAir Staff

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