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Remember National Review’s “Against Trump” issue back in early 2016? Well, all these years later, they’re still against his presidential candidacy. And the editors aren’t afraid to shout it from the rooftops:

There are quite a few other pieces by individual National Review writers that have gone up on NRO today. To be clear, National Review has avoided the kneejerk-anti-Trump trap and defended him from unfair criticisms as well as condemned Joe Biden and the Democratic Party for every awful thing they’ve done. In other words, National Review has been pretty intellectually consistent on Donald Trump. But some people out there would have you believe that they’re hypocrites for speaking out against Trump today.

Lady? Lady who? The tweet Varad Mehta is responding to seems to have disappeared. Who’s the lady? And what did she say?

Turns out it’s none other than “conservative” “The View” cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin, who tweeted this in response to National Review’s editorial against Trump’s candidacy:

She did a “yawn,” guys. With a yawn emoji!

Before she deleted that tweet, she limited replies:

Such stunning. Much brave.

Well, Alyssa, it’s nothing compared to the bravery of a former voluntary prominent member of the Trump administration who was more than happy to be part of it until she realized she could make even more money as a Principled Conservative™ defector.

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She literally did.


She’s not the best messenger. She doesn’t even crack the top 50.

Because of course she did.

No, Alyssa, you deleted your tweet mocking NRO because people were calling you out for acting all high and mighty when you were the one who was being intellectually dishonest.

Did she return all that money she made working for Trump, whose character and sense of morality were well known before she signed on to be part of his team? Then she can’t be beating herself up too hard, can she?

Alyssa Farah and so many of the #NeverTrump Resistance are pathologically dishonest, opportunistic grifters … sound like anyone else we know?


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