Corporate virtue signaling may be bad for business, or at least worthy of ratio – UPS jumps on the ‘Latinx’ bandwagon and finds out

Corporate entities have blossomed into full time virtue signaling social media hacks in recent years. Competition is king in a Capitalist society and no company wants to miss the opportunity to express their political leanings and alienate roughly half of their company base when everyone is doing it. Many corporations regularly post leftist talking points and social justice warrior friendly terms and phrases on their social media accounts. Shipping guru, UPS, recently opted to utilize the term “Latinx,” presumably in an effort to demonstrate support for minority owned businesses.

The funny thing about that term “Latinx,” is that not everyone is ready to embrace an ungendered form of the word. In fact, reportedly only 2% of Hispanic voters prefer the term. Sometimes progressive intentions are wrought with misguided and unnecessary effort on behalf of the people who are supposed to be offended. So, whatever proud UPS.

Not that the UPS response bot doesn’t take all of the “please don’t call us Latinx” feedback seriously:

Did UPS even conduct focus groups on this stuff? Or has publicly demonstrating wokeness become more essential to business than meeting customer needs?

In a politics-infused world, broadcasting partisan talk points and made-up terms lack the broad appeal that fuels successful marketing campaigns.  Put “Latinx” on the shelf and deliver our packages, without prejudice, please.


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