Couple of Cuckoos Episode 6 Release Date, Countdown, Time, Where to Watch

Famous Japanese anime’s “Couple of Cuckoos episode 6′ soon appears on Crunchyroll.

A total of five episodes of Couple of Cuckoos anime have been released; read the article to know the release date of the 6th episode.

The gist of Couple of Cuckoos Episode 6:

This is just another drama and romance-filled anime illustrated and written by Miki Yoshikawa. The story contains four characters named Nagi, Hiro, Erica, and Sachi. In the last episode, Erica got kicked out by the professor after getting caught while clicking pictures with Nagi. Due to being kicked out, she could not attend an important meeting. 

Soon after Nagi gets ill, Erica gets told to go to school with him. Hiro becomes friends with Erika for some reason. Nagi and Hiro start to get along, which gives a rising feeling of love between them. Nagi doesn’t understand Hiro’s feelings until the end and gets closer to Erica. The story revolves around this love triangle of Nagi, Erica, and Hiro; let’s see in the next episode where their love for each other takes them. By the end, Nagi gets confused and misinterprets things.

This is what happens in episode 5 of Couple of Cuckoos:

In episode 5, the confusing journey of Nagi and the three girls who are in his life continues. Nagi’s parents are trying their best to set him up with Erica, but his heart belongs to Hiro. Sachi also seems to be having a crush on our beloved Nagi.  

 What is the release date of Couple of Cuckoos Episode 6?

The Couple of Cuckoos episode 6 has been finalized to be premiered on 29th May 2022 in Japan at 1:30 pm on Crunchyroll

What is the release time and date of Couple of Cuckoos Episode 6 in other regions excluding Japan?

It will be available at:

10:30 am Pacific time

12:30 pm central time

1:30 pm Eastern time

10:00 pm Indian standard time

These are the release timings of the next episode of Couple of Cuckoos in regions apart from Japan.

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