Cowboys' Micah Parsons apologizes for calling it 'crazy' that Biden didn't get Paul Whelan in Griner swap

The WNBA’s Brittney Griner is on her way home to the United States after being detained in a Russian prison for months, thanks to the Biden administration’s clever “negotiation” with Russia to get Griner in exchange for arms dealer and terrorist Viktor Bout, aka the Merchant of Death.

Retired Marine Paul Whelan did not factor into the trade, and so after four years of detention in Russia, he’ll remain in detention for the foreseeable future. It’s baffling and infuriating and unfortunate, as Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker and defensive end Micah Parson’s indicated with his response to the news that Whelan was left behind:

Our thoughts exactly, Micah.

It’s crazy to Parsons, and it should be crazy to everyone. Because the idea that returning Whelan to the United States was not a condition of the Biden administration releasing Viktor Bout to Russia is, well, crazy.

Of course, not everyone agreed with Parsons’ take on the situation:

Some have pointed to comments from Whelan’s family as proof that the trade was a good one:

Ah, yes. Whelan’s family sounds absolutely thrilled. /s

Sounds like Parsons was right to be concerned about Whelan, which is apparently a big problem for some people.

Well anyway, after having some time to think about it and confer with others, Parsons realized about 45 minutes later that he shouldn’t have been so quick to take issue with Paul Whelan being left behind:

And to be clear, there is nothing wrong with admitting when you’ve made a mistake. But there’s definitely something with admitting you’ve made a mistake when you haven’t actually made a mistake. It’s OK to be glad that Brittney Griner is coming back home and to be angry that Paul Whelan is not, especially when you consider what the Biden administration just gave up to get Griner back.

Whoever “got” to Parsons, it’s a shame that he felt the need to walk back his original thoughts and feelings.


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