D-Bag KFC Barstool's NASTY dig at Pope Benedict after his death goes SO WRONG it's almost Biblical

Tell us you know nothing about Pope Benedict without telling us you know nothing about Pope Benedict.

Or, you know, tell us you’re a disrespectful, uninformed, hateful d-bag without telling us you’re a disrespectful, uninformed, hateful d-bag.

Hey, both work.

You guys remember KFC Barstool, yeah? The guy who cheated on his wife when she was 8 months pregnant? Who got caught texting his mistress? Yeah, well he seems to think he has any room trashing Pope Benedict after he passed away.

Always keepin’ it classy:

What a sweetheart, right?

As you can likely already guess, this did NOT go over so hot for KFC.



Told you guys, this didn’t go well, like at all. You could almost say the dragging he took on Twitter was BIBLICAL.

See what we did there?

Truth hurts.

We didn’t write this tweet.

Sure, we included it.

We may have even snickered a little.

But we didn’t write it.


So brutal.

Because it’s so much easier to trash people after they’ve died.

Is this a trick question?

Seriously gross.



Tough crowd.

Can’t say it wasn’t deserved though.

Maybe we should pray for him.



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