Damning report by Stephen Gutowski reveals how CDC ditched vital data and bent over for gun grabbers

The COVID pandemic really helped to bring to light the transformation of the Centers for Disease Control from go-to source for medical expertise and advice to partisan Democratic mouthpiece. But this transformation was also happening beyond the realm of COVID. It was also happening with regard to gun control.

Stephen Gutowski, firearms expert, founder of The Reload, and recently minted CNN contributor (possibly the only CNN contributor worth listening to these days) has a new piece detailing the CDC’s casting data aside and bending over for gun control advocates, and it’s well worth your time.

Gutowski has done fantastic reporting on gun-related issues, and this piece is no exception.

You should definitely read Gutowski’s full piece. But if you’re pressed for time at the moment, at least do yourselves a favor and read his thread of the highlights:

Inconvenient truths are so damn inconvenient. They must therefore be eliminated. And the CDC was happy to take care of that.

If it’s good enough for gun control advocates, it’s good enough for the CDC.

If you’re not familiar with Po Murray’s oeuvre, you’ve been missing out.

The CDC was just trying to be clear and succinct. Suuuuuuuure.

Think Kleck might be onto something?

Again, read the full piece.

It’s important that you know what sort of CDC we’re dealing with.



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