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NewsDays of Future Past's Wolverine Got His Adamantium Claws...

Days of Future Past’s Wolverine Got His Adamantium Claws Back


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In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Wolverine is shown with adamantium claws after losing them. But how did the hero get them back in the future?

James Mangold’s The Wolverine set a new precedent for Wolverine when the Silver Samurai cut off his adamantium claws. Although the metal alloy never returned in the film, Logan did regrow bone claws reminiscent of his time before Weapon X. However, in X-Men: Days of Future Past, it’s revealed his adamantium claws had been restored, sometime following his time in Japan. But how did the iconic claws return to a character who has no way of growing his own?

In Days of Future Past, the Sentinel program was created in the 1970s to hunt down and eradicate humans. By 2024, the most elite version of Sentinels patrols an apocalyptic New York City, and a small band of mutants, including Professor X, Wolverine and Magneto, fight to keep freedom alive. It’s within this group that, as director Bryan Singer revealed in a 2014 interview, Logan regained his adamantium claws.

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Singer explained that Magneto grafted the metal back onto Wolverine’s claws, allowing him to have his iconic look once again. He added that, “[Wolverine] has a different relationship with Magneto,” which is teased in The Wolverine‘s post-credits scene. Now fighting against a common threat, the longtime rivals can see the world as mutants trying to survive rather than two opposing sides of the same argument. Returning Logan’s claws also offered a tactical advantage against the Sentinels that he wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Due to the nature of adamantium, the near-indestructible metal can cut through almost anything. Therefore, being able to damage the Sentinels comes much easier for Logan than if he had had his bone claws. This is proven in Days of Future Past when he takes on the first iteration of them in 1973. He uses his claws to jam the minigun attached to its arm, but he’s unable to slice it in half as he would’ve with adamantium. As a result of the benefits, Logan likely got the metal back out of necessity rather than desire.

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This explanation could also be extended into the film Logan, which is set in the reset timeline from the conclusion of Days of Future Past. With Transigen creating foods and liquids that deaden the X-Gene and effectively make mutants extinct, Magneto may have joined sides as he realized they had a mutual enemy. Reattaching the adamantium means Logan would once again have an edge, being that it’s in his nature to survive where others cannot, including near extinction or the seizure from Charles that killed the X-Men.

Visually, Wolverine’s look will never be complete without his metal claws. But losing and regaining them over time shows that the claws are more than just a weapon. Losing them represents Logan regaining his humanity and embracing his animal and heroic sides. But choosing to have them again proves that he sees the claws not as a defining trait, but a tool that he can use to save others.


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