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The following contains spoilers for Deadpool #5, now on sale from Marvel Comics.

Superhero comics have long featured super-pets, introducing animal companions to heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and plenty of others over the years. While it may not be as pronounced in the Marvel Universe, it’s still a constant thanks to characters like Lockjaw and Lockheed.

Now, Marvel has a new super-pet, and her killer attitude makes her a perfect fit for the Merc with a Mouth. Deadpool #5 (by Alyssa Wong, Martin Coccolo, Neeraj Menon, and VC’s Joe Sabino) formally introduces Princess, Wade Wilson’s new symbiote dog. A deadly and loyal creature who quickly dispatches one of Spider-Man’s most lethal foes, Princess is a fun new addition to the Deadpool franchise.


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Carnage Just Gave Deadpool a Pet

Deadpool Gets a Super-Pet

After being infected with a piece of the Carnage symbiote, Deadpool transformed into a walking petri-dish for Harrower’s experiments. It initially appears to be a means of restoring Carnage in the Marvel Universe, however, Cletus Kasady’s return is short-lived. While trying to rip himself out of Deadpool, the symbiote planted within Wade mutates further into its own creature — one that has seemingly no patience for the damage Carnage is inflicting on Deadpool.

Consuming Cletus in one giant bite, the symbiote creature takes the form of a giant hound as it crawls out of Wade Wilson. Seeing Deadpool as its “Papa,” the symbiote quickly fights alongside Wade against Harrower’s creations, displaying a quick loyalty to him. The dog even survives the explosive ending of the issue (and saves his rival Lady Deathstrike in the process). Deadpool giddily embraces and names his new pet Princess. The dog is later seen at Deadpool’s side in his apartment, suggesting he truly does intend to keep his new pet.

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Deadpool’s New Dog is Perfect for Him

Deadpool Carnage Symbiote Dog Princess

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It’s a wild turn of events, subverting the apparent return of Carnage and instead introducing an entirely new character. Princess is a fun companion for Deadpool, especially given his history with pets. Wade previously cared for Jeff the Shark, and his healing factor makes him uniquely positioned to own a dog that can easily rip him to pieces. Notably, Princess is very useful right from the get-go. She can tear people apart with her massive jaw but has enough intelligence to recognize Wade and even speak. Her status as a symbiote might also provide her with shape-shifting abilities, making her a very adaptable pet.

While she may retain a symbiote’s weakness to fire and loud sounds, she could still be a useful ally. Princess is just the latest sign that Wade might be willing to settle down a bit more after a particularly tumultuous period that’s seen him reaffirm his bonds with the X-Men and briefly serve as the King of the Monsters. However, Deadpool’s life will inevitably explode into chaos again — as even when he’s not looking for trouble, scientists like Harrower and killers from the Atelier organization will come after him. But, the time around, he will have Princess as a loyal partner in crime.

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