Governor Ron DeSantis is either getting his messaging mixed, or admitting he would be half as effective a President as Donald Trump.

Trump, playing to his experience in the job, goaded the Florida governor this week, stating: “When [DeSantis] says eight years, every time I hear it, I wince… because I say, if it takes eight years to turn this around, then you don’t want him… as your president.”

When told about Trump’s remarks, DeSantis snapped back: “Why didn’t he do it his first four years?”

But speaking on stage in Iowa, DeSantis said: “Let’s just be clear, it really does take two terms as president to be able to finish this job… And I don’t think he could fix it in one single four-year term.”

His messaging doesn’t seem to be working.

“Trump’s strength is his term as president,” George Pierson, a college student from Waukee told CNN.

Still, good news that DeSantis admitted Trump’s four years in office were his “first”. Conceding so soon, Ron?

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