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NewsDigimon Survive Is the Perfect Starting Point for Newcomers

Digimon Survive Is the Perfect Starting Point for Newcomers


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Digimon has been around since the 1990s, but for many people, it’s always been a sort of second-best franchise when stacked up against Nintendo’s Pokémon. This has actually aided it in the realm of video games, where Digimon is much freer to experiment and play around with the expected formula. A great example of that would be the upcoming title Digimon Survive.

A survival strategy game set to release across multiple systems, Digimon Survive is a breath of fresh air for the series and a great jumping-on point for franchise newcomers. Highlighting the various Digital Monsters in an original story, not to mention borrowing elements from various other RPG franchises, the newest game in the series might just be the renaissance the franchise needs to grab a new generation of gamers.

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Digimon Survive Is More Visual Novel Than Pokémon Clone

As shown in the game’s new trailer, the gameplay of Digimon Survive is a unique take on monster collectors, veering pretty far away from the typical Pokémon trail. In fact, the game seems to have far more in common with the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei games. The overwhelming majority of the game is a visual novel, detailing the adventures of the main characters Takuma, Minoru, Aoi and more. Having somehow entered another world upon investigating a mysterious temple, the youths find themselves encountering a whole host of diverse Digimon species.

The gameplay is more focused on exploring the terrain and interacting with the environment and the Digimon themselves. In a way, this makes it similar to the more low-key Pokémon titles such as Pokémon Snap, though battles are still a part of the equation. During these battles, saying the right things to certain Digimon will result in recruiting them to the party. Each choice can have huge consequences and can even factor into Digivolution, making multiple playthroughs a must for completionists. “Free Battle” sections allow the player to freely train their Digimon, though other areas, such as “Drama Parts,” are purely text adventures.

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Making Digimon a Text Adventure Makes It More Accessible to Newcomers

While older gamers may be passively familiar with the Digimon franchise, younger ones could potentially be completely unaware of it. Lacking the pop culture reach of Pokémon, Digimon definitely requires a primer for the current generation and gamers in general. Turning the newest game into a visual novel is a genius way to immerse people in this digital world. This way, players can “encounter” Digimon in real-time, learning about and becoming familiar with them in the same way that they might already be with Nintendo’s various Pocket Monsters.

Easing people in further is the anime art style, making it truly feel like a visual novel, or better yet, an anime come to life. Anime is currently bigger than ever with international audiences, and playing something that looks and feels like a “living” anime could be an experience that entices those who otherwise might not be interested in a Digimon game. As mentioned, it helps that it has several similarities to the smash-hit franchise Persona, which is arguably the current big name in JRPGs.

Digimon Survive‘s encouragement of multiple playthroughs keeps things simple and accessible while also piquing the interest of those looking for a challenge. Its gameplay is also a welcome reprieve from what some might expect from the more recent Pokémon games, which are seen as somewhat old-hat and complacent by some fans. In doing so, Digimon Survive could appeal to gamers of all skill levels, keeping the franchise itself universal and hopefully breaking through the pop culture consciousness. The game releases later this month for PlayStation 4, Switch, Windows and Xbox One.

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