DISTURBING VIDEOS Show Police Dragging Citizens From Homes, Forcing Them Into Government Quarantine Camps, As "Zero Covid" Plan Creates Economic and Societal Crisis For Communist China

While the rest of the world has built up natural immunities and is trying to move past Covid, China’s “zero Covid” policy is causing its economy to crumble, taking down the rest of the world’s economy with it. A global recession is a highly-predicted outcome of the extreme measures being implemented by the CCP.

As lockdowns persist throughout China’s cities, including financial capital Shanghai, consumption and industrial output have plummeted to the worst levels since the beginning of the pandemic.

China’s unemployment rate rose to 6.1% in April, the highest since February 2020, and industrial production has fallen 2.9% from a year earlier due to factories being forced to suspend their operations amidst the lockdowns.

The country’s extreme focus on preventing the spread of Covid is severely inhibiting the ability for any economic growth to occur.

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Currently, travel to and from China is being strictly limited, and travelers coming into the country from abroad are being forced to quarantine for two weeks in government-designated hotels, followed by an additional period of monitoring. Additionally, if infections within a community are detected, residents can be evicted by hazmat-wearing police and forced to relocate to quarantine facilities.

Furthermore, non-essential businesses have been completely shut down, as well as public transportation and most vehicle movement. Schools also continue to be closed.

On Friday, Shanghai officials announced their goal to achieve zero Covid cases outside of quarantine by May 20, which could ease restrictions throughout the major city. The government is clearly prioritizing its “zero Covid” strategy over the economic well-being of its country.

The CCP’s approach has even drawn criticisms from the director general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. After President Xi Jinping reiterated his commitment to China’s Covid strategy, Ghebreyesus said, “Considering the behavior of the virus, I think a shift will be very important.”

However, analysts report that shifting his focus away from the “zero Covid” strategy could threaten his chances of securing a third term as CCP President.

Aside from the economic destruction from the CCP Covid policies, there is significant distress among the Chinese population as they are forced to give up their livelihoods and so many aspects of their lives during these strict protocols.

The Chinese police have been physically forcing citizens out of their homes and into government quarantine facilities, whether or not they consent. The police have been facing criticism for the harsh tactics they are using to force people into quarantine against their will, even when they have tested negative for the illness.

Chinese police wrestle a citizen to the ground in an attempt to transport them to a quarantine facility.


Chinese citizens being forced to the ground by police before being thrown in a bus and sent away to a quarantine facility.

In one video that has begun to circulate throughout the news and social media, police officers dressed in hazmat suits are at the door of a Shanghai family’s home and trying to remove them from the premises and take them to a quarantine facility. When the family refuses, the officers begin to threaten the family, saying, “If you don’t obey the orders from the city government, you will be punished, and the punishment will affect three generations in your family.”

“We are the last generation, thank you,” the man at the home says, and closes the door on the officers.

Many young Chinese citizens responded to this video, expressing the pressures they are feeling from the Chinese government to have children, especially during this time of severe strain on their society.

“I laughed at first but in the end I felt a sense of great sadness. He is resisting by giving up his reproductive rights,” said one user on China’s social media platform Weibo.

“It is a tragic expression of despair of the deepest kind,” wrote Zhang Xuezhong, a human rights lawyer in Shanghai. “We’ve been robbed of a future that is worth looking forward to. It is arguably the strongest denunciation a young man can make of the era he lives in.”

Another shocking video from Shanghai captures a woman being dragged out of her home by the CCP’s Covid prevention and control unit. It appears that she is being forced to leave her home for a government quarantine facility.

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