Doc & trans kid expert proclaims 'having a goal of a child growing up to be cisgender is unethical'

“Dr.” Jack Turban is the executive director of the UC San Francisco Gender Psychiatry Program. We have “Dr.” in scare quotes because, despite being an M.D., Turban was evidently lying when he took the Hippocratic Oath. “First do no harm” is just something he said because he had to say it, not because he actually believed in it.

It’s just a feeling we get with him. See if you get it, too:

And speaking of causing damage in relationships between parents and children, read this next tweet and try to tell us Jack doesn’t want parent-child relationships to suffer as much as possible:

So now parents who want their kids not to suffer the pain of gender dysphoria are child abusers. Got it. Of course, the alleged medical professional who thinks that raising children to be confused about sex and gender constitutes healthy childrearing doesn’t see himself as an abuser.

Good Lord.

Turban could definitely stand to be hit over the head with a bag of flour. Maybe it would knock some sense into him.



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