‘DOJ is out of control’! Julie Kelly shares indictment of 11 pro-life activists facing FELONIES for 18-month-old protest (video of 1 arrest)

First parents, now pro-life activists. What’s next, Garland?

You know what, we don’t even want to joke about this because God only knows how much worse this DOJ can get …

We can all feel safer knowing Biden’s DOJ is getting these evil pro-life activists off the streets.


Julie Kelly shared the fed’s indictment against these ‘evil-doers’:

So they protested?


We’re reading that correctly … yes? If this is a big deal we have a whole summer of looting, violence, rioting, and other f**kery the DOJ might want to look at. Oh, we know they won’t but c’mon, seriously with this?

Social media.



They organized a pro-life protest.

The horror.

They blocked the doors to an abortion clinic.

Seriously? That’s it?

And finally, here’s a video taken of Paul Vaughn (one of the 11 pro-lifers charged) as he was arrested and CUFFED in front of his children. Notice they won’t answer his wife.

This is terrifying.



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