There are so many good Netflix movies slated to arrive on the streamer in the next couple of months. A film that many people are looking forward to is Don’t Blame Karma! We’ve shared everything there is to know about the upcoming romantic comedy movie below.

Don’t Blame Karma!, otherwise known as ¿Qué culpa tiene el karma?, is a Mexican original movie directed by Elisa Miller from a screenplay co-written by Fernanda Eguiarte and Marcelo Tobar. Jorge “Tocayo” Ramírez signed on as a producer and Juan Uruchurtu as an executive producer.

It’s unclear when production on the romantic comedy started, but we know filming wrapped in August 2021. The film was primarily shot in the beautiful state of Yucatán.

Below, we’ve shared a rundown of everything we know so far about the film, including release updates, cast, synopsis, and more!

Don’t Blame Karma! release updates

On April 27, Netflix released its summer 2022 movie slate, and Don’t Blame Karma! was included in the list. Sadly, the streamer did not announce an official release date, though. All we know is that the film is confirmed to be coming to Netflix this summer. This means we’re looking at a release date somewhere between June and September. Fingers crossed, the romantic comedy receives an early summer release. We’ll definitely share the official release date once Netflix announces it.

Don’t Blame Karma! cast

Aislinn Derbez leads the cast as the protagonist. You might know Derbez from The House of Flowers, which is one of the best Spanish shows on Netflix.

Here is the full cast list via Deadline right below:

  • Aislinn Derbez
  • Renata Notni
  • Gil Cerezo
  • Giuseppe Gamba
  • Carmen Madrid
  • Mauricio García Lozano
  • Miriam Chi Chim

Don’t Blame Karma! synopsis

Netflix Media Center provided us with the official synopsis and we shared it below:

Sara is a frustrated fashion designer who blames karma for her bad luck. She assumes this after an involuntary curse from her beautiful and successful sister Lucy during their childhood. As she struggles to keep her souvenir business in Mérida afloat, her stability is lost when Aarón, her former crush and best friend and now a super famous musician comes back in the most unexpected way. As a usual coincidence Aarón will marry her sister Lucy after just a few weeks of engagement.

Sara will have to face her bad karma and overcome the loss of her former teen love as she receives the visit of her online boyfriend, Roberto and her parents who are about to end their marriage due to her mother’s desire to have an open relationship.

We’re still waiting on an official release date and trailer. Since we’re quickly approaching the summer, Netflix will likely announce the release date and drop the trailer soon. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more information about Don’t Blame Karma!

Source: PJ Media

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