Easy-peasy: Writer and podcaster knows how to put an end to '1000% of fare evasion crimes' right now

Yesterday, conservative writer Helen Andrews tweeted about what she’d purportedly witnessed at a D.C. Metro station. Apparently there were quite a few Metro riders who didn’t feel like paying the fare at that time:

Fare jumping is a very real problem when it comes to public transit in large cities like D.C., New York City, and Chicago. And clearly something needs to be done to address it and fix it. But what? What’s the solution here?

Well, Adam Johnson, a writer and host of the “Citations Needed” podcast, has a pretty intriguing idea: just get rid of fares altogether and let people ride for free! Can’t skip out on fares if there are no fares to begin with!

Boom! Genius!

Now hold on there, Nik. You’re just talkin’ crazy:

Just use taxes to fund public transit so riders don’t have to pay for public transit, you guys.

Weren’t you listening, Sunny? Taxpayers will pay the tax. It’s simple.

So, Adam Johnson believes in Tax Santa. Maybe he’s just young at heart.

Or maybe he’s just an abject moron who doesn’t understand how any of this works.

And the competition is stiff, to be sure.

Why should Donald Trump pay them? If there aren’t any taxes, there aren’t any loopholes for him to take advantage of or ways to cheat the system.

Adam Johnson should run for office. Or at least for head of some city’s metropolitan transit authority. He’s got big, bold ideas … who knows how transformative he could really be?

Only one way to find out for sure.

You know how idiotic you sound, right, Adam? Or are you too much of an idiot to even know that?


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