Elon Musk reacts to Alyssa Milano's Volkswagen debacle with just 2 emojis and it's brutal PERFECTION

Ok, so the Alyssa Milano ‘giving her Tesla back’ to stop white supremacy while getting a Volkswagen which is literally tied to Hitler and the Nazis is absolutely Twitchy gold, but usually even we have our limits about covering the same story more than once or twice. However, we find that it’s not only acceptable but necessary to include Elon Musk’s reaction to the D-List actress’ attempt at the ultimate virtue signal.

That ultimately only bit her on her aging backside.

Gosh, Alyssa, Elon seems all sorts of torn up over your Volkswagen … oh, wait, no. LOL

It was in response to the Hodge Twins reminding Alyssa where her car actually comes from.

Totally Musk here:

We didn’t think she could look any dumber or worse but his reaction? Yup.



Oh man.

There’s a reason people pay them to read the words SOMEONE ELSE writes.

Hey, we see what he did there.

They’ve found a way to keep on entertaining us … even if it is at their own expense.



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