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Fans Rip Melissa Gorga as ‘Gross’ for Comment About Teresa Giudice’s Parents


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Melissa Gorga.

Getty Images Melissa Gorga slammed for bringing up Teresa Giudice’s dead parents at RHONJ reunion.

During part one of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion, Melissa Gorga brought up Teresa Giudice’s dead parents — and some fans think that her comments were out of line.

The conversation started when Andy Cohen mentioned Giudice’s wedding and how Gorga won’t be in it. Giudice responded by telling Gorga that they’re “not close.”

“This is the thing honey, we’re not close. Like, you’re my sister-in-law, but we’re not close,” Giudice said. This comment made Gorga upset.

“My heart’s beating [fast] right now, because it’s kind of sad for me. It’s just that we have a lot of memories, even if we’re not close,” Gorga responded. From there, she brought up Giudice’s parents, Giacinto and Antonia Gorga, who died after Giudice’s stint in jail.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gorga Defended Herself by Saying That She Was There for Giudice’s Mother Before She Died

Gorga found out that she wasn’t going to be in her sister-in-law’s wedding when Giudice revealed such on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live.”

“I did find out on TV that I’m not going to be in Teresa’s wedding and I’m not a bridesmaid, which I’m OK with, I’m fine with. I understand. To each their own,” Gorga said on the March 17, 2022, episode of her “On Display” podcast.

While she played it off, her husband later revealed that it bothered her more than she originally let on.

“We were like, ‘oh my God.’ You know, it’s shocking. It really was. And I just sat — and I don’t provoke anything — I just sit there. We were actually on the couch, we were just watching it. It was late, late night. And Melissa was on the other couch and I was on one couch… I just sat there, and just listened. But Melissa got a little upset, between me and you,” Gorga’s husband, Joe, said on the March 23, 2022, episode of the “Side Piece” podcast.

During the RHONJ reunion, Giudice insisted that she and her sister-in-law just weren’t close. Melissa Gorga attempted to make a point by bringing up Giudice’s mom and dad.

“When you were away, I was the one helping your mother pick up your girls and bringing them to [their school] dance, you remember that?” Gorga asked Giudice. She went on to recall painting Giudice’s mother’s toe nails in the hospital and holding her hand before she died.

“There was a lot I’ve done, so please don’t take that away from me. We have history, honey, me and you, and I love you very much, and I’m happy for you. But I think you should remember what family is,” she continued.

Several Fans Criticized Gorga on Reddit After Her Reunion Comments

Shortly after Gorga’s comments on the reunion aired, several fans took to Reddit to discuss.

“Melissa wants some of the spotlight being in wedding photos beside Teresa. Melissa sounded like Teresa owes it to her because she did this and that regarding her own in-laws. So needy, so thirsty. Not ok to use her dead parents like that,” one Redditor commented.

“I honestly can’t stand Melissa, I hope she gets cancelled but I know she won’t. Her and Joe are gross at this point,” someone else added.

“It was super uncomfortable and weird to hear her go that route. Her energy was so different too, both hers and Joe’s honestly. All of this because Teresa went and got close with her future sister in laws? Very strange vibe all around and yes, please don’t bring up not just dead parents but their last moments! That’s some sacred stuff that should have been held with a lot more respect,” a third Reddit user said.

“It was unbelievably gross, desperate and disgusting that Melissa brought up her deceased in-laws, as a way to guilt Teresa into making her a bridesmaid,” a fourth comment read.

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Source: Heavy

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