Far Left Takes Credit for Firebombing Italian Diplomat Vehicles

A group of far-left anarchist extremists in Greece have taken credit for the firebombing of vehicles outside of the home of an Italian diplomat in Athens that took place earlier this month.

A group of far-left anarchists took credit for the firebombing of vehicles belonging to Italy’s Deputy Ambassador Susanna Schlein on December 2nd, which saw one destroyed and another damaged.

The alleged attackers took credit for the firebombing on the far-left web platform IndyMedia this week and explained the arson was in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, an Italian left-extremist convicted of a shooting and bomb attack last year, Ekathimerini reports.

The group took aim at Cospito being held in prison according to the 41 bis provision, which allows for the Italian interior minister to suspend prison regulations for criminals convicted of mafia-style crimes or terrorism, banning privileges such as telephone use, associating with other prisoners, or even receiving outside parcels.

“41 bis is a regime of political, social and sensory annihilation, aimed at the complete elimination of all contact with the outside world. The goal is none other than the physical and moral annihilation of those who choose the path of revolutionary self-righteousness against the tyranny of state and capital,” the anarchist group alleged.

The group justified the attack on the Italian diplomat by saying that “the acts of revolutionary antiviolence that target them, returning a piece of the fear they sow against society, letting them know that they are not invulnerable and that their decisions come at a cost, are at the same time the targeting of the policies and plans of the system.”

Alfredo Cospito is said to be conducting a hunger strike in prison.


Last year, over a hundred acts of violence were attributed to supporters of Greek convicted killer and far-left extremist Dimitris Koufontinas, who also engaged in a hunger strike.

Koufontinas, formerly a member of the communist terrorist group Revolutionary Organization 17 November (17N), was convicted of a total of eleven assassinations and murders that took place from 1975 to 2000.

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