FBI raid came on anniversary of Nixon resignation… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Here’s the thing guys…One thing keeps bothering me about this constant overreach of the Democrats, not just in this Mar a Largo raid, but also their ridiculous J6 charade and the Bannon fallout from that, their selective enforcement of laws involving serious city-wide violence from the Left and crackdowns for far less from the Right, their zeal for 87,000 armed IRS agents to be emplaced, their negligence in an economic crisis, etc. What bothers me, in this context, is that they’re doing this all year long, and continuing now, less than three months before the midterms which poll after poll – by mostly leftist pollsters! – consistently indicate they are going to get absolutely POUNDED in. Many districts currently held by Democrats could be lost by 15 to 20% according to these polls. Their actions do not reflect the slightest concern about this.

That’s a BIG problem. I don’t hear anyone else talking about this, and I sure hope I’m wrong myself, but wouldn’t an obvious interpretation of these facts be that they don’t have any worries about voter backlash in November, because they are absolutely sure they will hold their majority in both houses of Congress? They either have a “new and improved” method of voter fraud up their sleeves, more opaque than the last time, and all they have to do is come up with some jive about how the pollsters were “wrong,” and get the MSM to keep up the narrative, or they will use Covid, monkeypox, or some other “contagion” as an excuse to cancel the elections altogether.

Something like this must be afoot, I think. It has to be the case! These people have to know that, if they lose both houses, they also lose all of the committee chairmanships, and the ability to steer investigations. Boatloads of these people will now be in the crosshairs of Republican-majority committees, who will be in a predictably very foul mood! Garland and his DOJ and FBI cronies won’t have the protection of their Democrat “muscle” in Congress anymore to keep them out of trouble. Biden will almost certainly be up for impeachment. The list goes on. If everything is on the up-and-up with the election, the Democrats KNOW they are going to be in a very tight spot! Yet they double-down and triple-down by the hour with stunts like this Trump house raid, and their J6 Stalinesque show trials. Leftist judges might also want to let their feet off the gas in prosecutions that arise from these fishing expeditions, yet they seem utterly unconcerned about implications for their futures, too.

What gives here? The only thing that makes sense to me is that they have some assurance that they are insulated from losing control of Congress. If they succeed, and they’re not just self-deluded in this, what are we going to do about it after November?

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