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This editor has asked before regarding things like Drag Queen Story Time and he’ll ask it again — what is the compulsion to put kids and drag queens together? Drag is adult entertainment. But now we’re seeing more and more “family-friendly” drag shows where liberal white moms give their kids crumpled dollar bills to hand to the drag queens. President Joe Biden and others have said there’s no reason for anyone to need an AR-15, and yet some very thin and undernourished militia types showed up with AR-15s to protect a family-friendly drag show in Texas recently … we wonder if all the moms were fine with assault weapons at a family event.

Christopher Rufo has tracked down a lot of kid drag shows — and this spring, Libs of TikTok posted a mega-thread of pride festival events featuring drag shows for and by kids. Now the City of Boise, Idaho, is having its festival and one of the features is “Drag Kids on Stage”: “A drag show like none other, the Drag Kids range from ages 11-18 and are ready to bring it all to the Boise Pride Festival Stage.”

Alongside the city, there are plenty of corporate sponsors: What corporation is going to say no to a pride festival?

Oh, come on, a “Back to School Pride Drag Extravaganza” in Provo, Utah, featuring Jenna Talia and Ana Lee Kage?

Huh, also in Boise: “Drag Out the Family”:

As asked above … why is there even a demand for this? Who wants to see an 11-year-old boy done up as an hypersexualized caricature of a woman?


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