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NewsFormer gun rights proponent S.E. Cupp is begging ‘all...

Former gun rights proponent S.E. Cupp is begging ‘all my law-abiding gun owner friends’ to ‘put down your politics and be a part of the solution’


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S.E. Cupp was a proud gun rights advocate for years. And then Donald Trump came along and made her realize that she could no longer in good conscience believe in anything of the things she believed in before because Bad Orange Man decided to put an (R) after his name.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that after yesterday’s horrible deadly mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Cupp took the opportunity to atone for her past support of gun rights and ran with it:

All of Cupp’s “law-abiding gun owner friends” are already part of the solution, but forget it; she’s rolling:

A majority of law-abiding gun owners also support commonsense legislation. Unfortunately in the minds of so many gun control activists, “commonsense legislation” is just a euphemism for “ban guns and repeal the Second Amendment.”

We’ll save S.E. the trouble of having to explain it by pointing out that there is no specific law that could have been passed that would have stopped the shooter.

That’s still not an answer, S.E. In this case, “advocate” is just another way of saying “do something,” which really isn’t saying anything. Law-abiding gun owners are not the problem. The problem is criminals who don’t give a damn about any kind of gun control legislation, commonsense or otherwise. Punishing the innocent and the lawful is not a solution, but it’s a surefire path to more violence.

The Uvalde shooter was reportedly a walking pile of red flags. And yet no one interfered.

Someone failed here, but it wasn’t S.E. Cupp’s law-abiding gun owner friends.

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