Fox News' Jacqui Heinrich busts Biden for self-righteous tweet after migrant child dies at border

As we told you, the Department of Health and Human Services has issued a statement confirming that a migrant child has died in U.S. custody at the southern border. That we know about, that is. We have a sinking feeling that there are a lot more tragic stories where that one comes from.

Earlier, Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich attempted to ask about reports of the death, but was rebuffed — in favor of pre-submitted questions, of course:

What were they so afraid of? Other than the truth, of course, and Heinrich’s desire to get it? Were they worried that someone might ask about this 2019 tweet from Joe Biden and expect an honest answer?

Is it more or less unacceptable when migrant children die in U.S. custody at the border while Joe Biden is president? Is it who we are? Will Joe Biden stand up and speak out? Or was the offer only good when he was running for president?

Not from the current administration, we can’t:


If silence is complicity, then what would you call the Biden administration if not complicit? Joe Biden’s handlers are shielding the man who vowed to never pass the buck.

And the mainstream media are enabling and cooperating with this whole sickening entire farce. They, too, are complicit.

The Biden White House and the mainstream media are complicit in each others’ corruption.


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