George Santos 'appears' to have made white power gesture during Speaker vote

Say what you want about the media’s takes on the struggle to elect a House Speaker, but as someone pointed out, nothing that happened over the past few days was unconstitutional. Things go ugly at times, but differences were hashed out and we have a Speaker at last.

One of the dumbest stories we’ve seen emerge from the process is that George Santos, the elected representative who appears to have lied about just about everything in his biography, allegedly shot the “white power” hand gesture during the voting.

You’d have to be pretty quick to catch that, but the cameras did.

Of course, MSNBC’s Joy Reid picked up on it in her show, noting how it happened when Byron Donalds, who is black (but not really black, but rather a “prop” whose policies are “intent on upholding and perpetuating white supremacy,”) according to Rep. Cori Bush, was in the running. Santos should have been voting for Donalds, then.

We have photos of tons of Democrats flashing the white power sign, including our last and previous Democrat presidents. Of course, Santos has lied about his background, so how can we trust that he’s a real white supremacist?



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