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NewsGet excited for Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder with...

Get excited for Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder with these new LEGO sets


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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps expanding, so too do the LEGO sets fans can buy. In anticipation of the fourth film about the Asgardian god Thor, LEGO has released two new sets based on moments from the upcoming installment, Thor: Love and Thunder, so that fans can get excited about the movie.

Check out LEGO's new Marvel 'Thor: Love and Thunder' set called The Goat Boat.

Check out LEGO’s new Marvel ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ set called The Goat Boat.

First, there’s the 564-piece set called The Goat Boat ($50). The most significant part of this set is the Viking-like longboat which says Aegir Asgard Tours on the side and is being pulled through the sky by two legendary goats named Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. The boat features a small log cabin on the main deck with a detachable roof to see what’s inside. There are also five minifigures in this set, including familiar faces like Thor, Valkyrie, and Korg, in addition to new characters like Jane Foster’s superhero alter ego, the Mighty Thor, and supervillain Gorr the God Butcher. Fans of the impending movie can create battle scenes with the available weapons like Thor’s ax Stormbreaker. There are also a bunch of accessories found in this set, like a map of New Asgard, a fire extinguisher, and a boat wrench.

Check out LEGO's new Marvel 'Thor: Love and Thunder' set called Attack on New Asgard.

Check out LEGO’s new Marvel ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ set called Attack on New Asgard.

The second set is smaller, only 159 pieces, and is called the Attack on New Asgard ($20). With this set, fans can try to save New Asgard from the destructive Shadow Monster that Gorr has summoned. The creature has jointed arms and moveable claws, so you can pretend it’s causing havoc on the town. The set comes with minifigures of Thor, Mighty Thor, and Gorr, so you can have them battle it out to help the citizens of New Asgard escape this threat.

Head over to Amazon to check out the new Thor: Love and Thunder LEGO sets: The Goat Boat and Attack on New Asgard.

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Source: PJ Media

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