Lemme get them Samosas off y’all hands!

Y’all know every year folks love stocking up on the infamous Girl Scout cookies. But last year, the pandemic slowed down their mission, and they have millions of unsold boxes just sitting up collecting dust.

According to @cnn, they have 15 million boxes of unsold cookies, and about 12 million boxes never left the warehouse.

According to a statement released to CNN, the organization stated, “It’s exceedingly rare to have significant excess inventory but the pandemic greatly impacted our cookie program, despite demand for cookies remaining strong,” Girl Scouts said.

Usually about 200 million boxes are sold each year, according to the organization. At this time, the current season’s numbers have not been calculated, but at the time of this typing they haven’t been sold.

The proceeds from each purchase  “stay local with the troop and its council to power essential leadership programming throughout the year, so we did everything we could to mitigate those losses to recoup lost revenue in addition to helping the bakers sell through their inventory.”

As you know, the cookies are usually sold outside of grocery stores and public parks. Due to the pandemic, members of the Girls Scouts organization was unable to do so because of closures nationwide.

At this time, the boxes are not available for sale. But if you’re interested, “anyone interested can buy cookies that will be donated to first responders, food banks and “other worthy causes,” accoding to CNN.

Source: The Shade Room

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