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NewsGorr Goes Full American Psycho in Amazing Thor 4...

Gorr Goes Full American Psycho in Amazing Thor 4 ‘Leaked’ Footage


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A new fanmade video splices together footage from American Psycho and Thor: Ragnarok to create a grisly encounter between Gorr and the God of Thunder.

“Leaked” footage from Thor: Love and Thunder purportedly shows Gorr the God Butcher doing his best American Psycho impression during a bloody encounter with Thor.

The fanmade clip, which uses a blurry filter and other subtle visual tricks to emulate the look of a video captured in a screening room, recently surfaced on YouTube. It repurposes a scene from American Psycho in which Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman murders one of his colleagues, with Bale’s likeness digitally altered to resemble Gorr’s prosthetics in Thor: Love and Thunder. To complete the illusion that the footage is new material, shots of Chris Hemsworth recycled from Thor: Ragnarok are sprinkled throughout, making it seem like the Odinson is reacting in horror as his deranged opponent attacks.

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Fans going to great lengths to create their own Gorr the God Butcher scenes underscores just how eager they are for the debut of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest antagonist. Bale recently discussed portraying Gorr in Thor: Love and Thunder, describing it as “the easiest job.” He explained that this is because audiences are always fascinated by villains, which means that playing the hero is much harder by comparison. Bale has experience with both types of part, having previously portrayed Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

At the same time, the Oscar-winning actor previously admitted that there were downsides to playing the role. Bale singled out having to act underneath Gorr the God Butcher’s prosthetics as something he found particularly challenging. “I was pathetic. I found myself thinking things like, ‘I don’t think I can walk because I’ve got long nails.’ It affected my brain. I was like, ‘I can’t eat, I’ve got long nails.’ I was trying to type. I couldn’t do anything,” he recalled, in a recent interview.

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Bale also confessed that he didn’t expect the Gorr the God Butcher role to require makeup, as he assumed that his transformation would be achieved via CGI, instead. The star added that he only realized that he was expected to wear extensive prosthetics after reviewing the Thor: Love and Thunder call sheet and noticing he was needed on set hours earlier than his co-stars.

Bale was nevertheless effusive in his praise of the makeup artists responsible for turning him into Gorr, crediting them with helping him shape the role. “[W]hat it takes is crazy-talented special effects people who are wonderful collaborators who are equally responsible as me in creating this character,” he said. “[Makeup artists] Adam Johansen and Carla and Emily — we started at four hours each morning and then got it down to about three-and-a-half and then about hour-and-a-half in the evening, getting it all off as well, and created the character like that.”

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters on July 8.

Source: YouTube

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