Gov. Gavin Newsom marks Memorial Day by posting a cartoon

We all know that California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to be the Democratic nominee for 2024. He’s essentially already campaigning against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and allocated $10 for his “Campaign for Democracy” to tour the country and see firsthand the right-wing assaults on freedom across the nation (ignoring the fact that California has banned state travel to half the states in the nation of legislation it doesn’t like).

Hillary Clinton also wanted to be president, and she managed to piss off half the nation by putting them in “baskets of deplorables.”

For Memorial Day, Newsome tweeted out this cartoon (we’re not sure who the cartoonist is) of your typical conservative with guns in easy reach of the kids but books just too far away. You know dad’s a conservative because he has a USA pen holder and an American flag on his desk, which has been known to trigger leftists.

Since that gets cut off:

The cartoonist forgot to put an “assault rifle” on the wall.

How about this?

Again, it’s a nice strawman having the guns within easy reach like that. Hopefully, the kid’s parents have educated him on gun safety; maybe he’s been to the range with his dad and is actually a good shot. It’s a shame he can’t reach “Gender Queer” and “This Book Is Gay” so he could learn about eating poop and hooking up with adults on Grindr.


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