Gov. Ron DeSantis has convinced Democratic megadonor that America is full of people with a disorder found in unruly children –

A very lengthy piece in the New York Times Magazine, allegedly compiled from 100 interviews, asks if Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is the future of the Republican Party, using a graphic of DeSantis’ face taped over Donald Trump’s to make the point clear. We were wondering when this was coming — with the walls closing in on Donald Trump, DeSantis could very well be the Republican Party’s 2024 nominee for president, so it’s important to get the hit pieces rolling now.

So, what distinguishes DeSantis?

Yet what distinguishes DeSantis, elevating him for now above the Cruzes and Cottons and Mikes Pompeo and Pence, is a central insight into where the party is and where it is headed. If a DeSantis campaign would be a referendum on which parts of Trumpism voters value most — the burn-it-all fury at elites? The perpetual grievances? The blunt-force magnetism of Trump himself? — DeSantis’s read is that the signal trait worth emulating, and then heightening, is more elemental. It is about projecting the political fearlessness to crush adversaries with administrative precision.

Kyle Smith has picked one pull quote from Florida Democratic megadonor John Morgan, who has decided that America is full of unruly children.


Exactly. The president is like your dad and you do what your dad tells you to do because he’s your dad.


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