Great news: Biden set to ask Congress for $1.6 billion in taxpayer money to fight COVID relief fraud

Let’s face it: the government’s COVID relief plan was ripe for fraud. Despite the government having only the very best of intentions, of course.

And the more we learn about the scale of the fraud, the more important it becomes to get to the bottom of it. And that’s exactly what Joe Biden plans to do. He just needs $1.6 billion in taxpayers’ money to do it:

What better way is there to deal with massive corruption than to throw even more money at it?

Yep! It makes total sense if you stop and really think about it, provided that you’re also completely insane.

Hey, it’s a strategy!

You know, this particular financial tactic seems really familiar … where have we seen it before? Oh, that’s right:

Nailed it.

Isn’t this fun?

Good times.

History is usually a pretty good guide for this sort of thing, so yeah. Expect a whole lotta pain with absolutely no gain.


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