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‘Hate This Fag’: Chuck Schumer’s Media Director Has a...

‘Hate This Fag’: Chuck Schumer’s Media Director Has a History of Gay-Bashing Tweets.


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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s Deputy Director of Digital Media Caroline Burns authored several anti-gay posts on Twitter, including repeated use of the word “faggot,” The National Pulse can reveal.

Editor’s Note: The National Pulse abhors cancel culture, but we adore pointing out the hypocrisy of the left more.

Since May 2020, Burns has worked in the office of New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who has frequently criticized Republicans for allegedly attacking LGBT people.

“Their attacks on trans people and the transgender community are just mean. Mean. And show a complete lack of understanding, a complete lack of empathy,” Schumer lectured from the Senate floor in response to Republican colleagues expressing opposition to the Equality Act in February 2021.

Despite Schumer’s posturing, The National Pulse can reveal homophobic posts from one of his most senior communication aides.

“[K]ill me I hate this fag,” wrote Burns in a Tweet from July 2011.

“@[Y]oure a faggot,” she wrote in a separate post from the same year.

In June 2013, Burns appears to quote a conversation with a new roommate where someone says “my biggest fear was that you’d be gay”:


“Shoulda warn an athletics shirt today. At least that way there’s an unspoken agreement with society that you’re allowed to look like a dyke,” she wrote in September 2012.


In June 2011, Burns shared the following post appearing to describe a potential Twitter username as “gay”:

“all the cool asian rhyming ones are taken haha so not really. my friend like tweetcaroline like sweet caroline but that’s gay”

The unearthing of the Schumer aide’s posts follow the Senator using his social media accounts to speak out against “homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia.”

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Prior to working in Schumer’s office, Burns served as a Digital Content Producer for Roll Call and an Audience Development Manager for Washingtonian Magazine.

Source: The National Pulse

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