He has classified documents, Mike Pence has classified documents, WE ALL HAVE CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS!

Today’s winner of ‘who has the classified documents’ is former Vice President Mike Pence.

Apparently, everyone has classified documents, but it is getting to the point where if we find our cousin’s brother-in-law’s ex-girlfriend’s son has some classified documents in the magazine rack by the toilet we are not going to be surprised.

It is weird. Is it that people are looking for missing documents now or is it to try and run cover for President Biden and his handling of the documents when he was vice president?

HOW DID THEY GET THERE!?!?! That really is a decent question. If you are holding classified documents you think you would return them, not just let them sit on the coffee table or in the garage for years.

Everyone should check. None of us is immune at this point.

The records department needs to hire old Blockbuster employees to track these documents down.

Those guys know how to get stuff back.

Indeed. There has to be an issue, is it with the people taking the documents or the people in charge of tracking them and knowing where they are? Is there even anybody doing that? We are doubtful.

This is an understandable question. Not to be those people but we understand the difference to be everyone but Trump willingly returned the documents once asked. Is that enough to warrant an FBI raid on one person and not the others, meh, we don’t think so but who are we?

It is. We are not pretending anyone holding classified documents at their house just hanging out is not an issue, we are just saying there may be an even bigger issue at hand.

Maybe they ‘work’ there but they just watch movies all day instead of keeping track of anything. 🙂

No classified documents at your house? Slackers. Everyone who is anyone found at least one!

Look, we do not make the rules, but it IS an unwritten rule that any politician with a fly on their head is going to be laughed at for it forever. No time limits.

Never. The answer is never.

That is hilarious. Not because we think it is a good thing, but just because we can not imagine what the state of American politics looks like from the outside.

Go look in your garage or behind your bookshelves, if you have classified documents, we suggest you turn them in, or use them for a bonfire. Either way.


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