?He tried to kill me and my family. I have the proof" - Seun Kuti speaks on viral video of his clash with a police officer

Some people just decide to behave animalisticaly, honestly.
What gave U the audacity, the courage, the effrontery, the cheek, the guts, the chutzpah, the gall, the hardihood, the nerves, and the temerity to slap a Police Officer?????????
If IG of Police refuses to act swiftly on this, then our Police is gone.
The so called Unknow Gun Men or Bandits do theirs in secret way but this man decided to slap somebody’s Dad, Brother, Husband and Uncle in an open place and had the guts to tell us that the man wanted to kill his family.
I hate what I detest.
I know quite well that our Nigeria Police too are very funny but common, that does not qualify us to lay our hands on them, especially when it is not on self defense.
The video is self-explanatory.

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