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'Hear me out': David Hogg thinks Elon Musk may...

‘Hear me out’: David Hogg thinks Elon Musk may use Twitter’s data to build a ‘humanoid robot’


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Anti-gun activist and Harvard undergrad David Hogg wants to know why Elon Musk would buy Twitter in the first place:

“A man doesn’t bet half his life‘s work and fortune on freedom of speech,” he tweeted. “Musk sees something here that is worth far more than 40 billion. The question I have is what is it?’

Then Hogg suggested Musk will use the data from Twitter users to create “the first prototype of his humanoid robot” and a “general purpose Artificial Intelligence”:

Or maybe it’s a “digital version of Rupert Murdoch”?

Oh, and he was very surprised to learn just how rich Musk is:

He was actually asking a decent question and then he went off the rail with the robot talk:

Which he doubled-down on by the way:

But it’s pretty indicative of Hogg’s generation where they don’t really see freedom of speech as that important:

Maybe Harvard has a class or two on the subject?



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