Hellraiser Pinhead

Hulu’s upcoming Hellraiser reboot movie reveals an appropriately haunting October release date, set to unveil Jamie Clayton’s reinvented Pinhead.

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The upcoming Hulu remake of the horror classic Hellraiser has revealed an October date on which its new Pinhead will make “time to play.”

An ominous teaser for the redux of Clive Barker’s classic franchise has arrived bearing news. While the clip is short on specifics or even a revelatory image, it does divulge the Hellraiser reboot’s release date of October 7. This close date is, of course, great news for fans of the existential afterlife-crossing terror that the property has conjured going back to 1987’s original Hellraiser (which Barker himself directed), which spawned nine sequels, keeping things afloat until 2018. While a glimpse of Jamie Clayton (Sense8) in her redefined role as the punctured hell priest Pinhead was not provided, the teaser’s brief crimson-colored montage should nevertheless whet the appetites of enthusiasts.

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While specific plot details remain unknown, an official Hulu logline describes Hellraiser‘s focus, stating, “A young woman struggling with addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to summon the Cenobites, a group of sadistic supernatural beings from another dimension.”

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Pinhead is scheduled to hit Hulu on Friday, October 7.

Source: 20th Century Studios

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